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How to create Great Personality Training: 6-9-April-2017

A trin ing course was done by Trainer Subhan saeed Mahmood at College of Nursing about How to create Great Personality Training,more...


Identification of gaps in research and education in women's health: 12-April-2017

A workshop was done by faculty members of College of Nursing in Fortland Hotel about Identification of gaps in research and education in women's health,more...


Ping pong Sport Activity: 4-April-2017

A Ping pong sport Tournament was done at Student Club of Pharmacy College and the College of Nursing was participated,more...


Football Tournament: 4-April-2017

A Football Tournament was done at Hawler Medical University and the College of Nursing was participated,more...


Exercise and Personal Hygiene Workshop: 3-April.-2017

A workshop was done by 4th Stage students about Exercise and Personal Hygiene in 1st - 3 rd stage Halls of Peshawa Primary School/Azadi in Erbil City,more...


Emergency Trolley and Pediatric Basic Resuscitation: 13-Dec.-2016

A workshop was done by Mr. Nazar Ramadhan for nurses in Raparin teaching Hospital about Emergency Trolley and Pediatric Basic Resuscitation in Hall of Education in Raparin Teaching Hospital in Erbil City,more...


Health Education for Pregnant Women Workshop: 23-April-2017

A workshop was done by Mr. Jawdat Mamand and 4th Stage students for pregnant women about the health status during pregnancy in Hall of Education in Braiaty Primary Health Care Center in Erbil City ,more...


World Environment Day (WED) in Erbil City: 27-April-2017

The College of Nursing Dean and other faculty members with their students shared in cleaning inside and outside of the college in Khanzad street in a World Environment Day in Erbil City ,more...


Home Visit and Household Survey: 4 and 18-April-2017

Teachers and students in community department had been visited Badawa district in Erbil City. They had done screening test and physical  examination for  population,more...


Barzani Charity Activity: 1-30-April-2017

The Charity Activity by Dazgay Barzani Charity for distributing Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope on students and teaching staffs ,more...


Google Based E-mail Workshop: 23-February-2017

The Google Based E-mail workshop was held by Dara Al-Banna for all teaching staffs, more... PPT.


How to Identify Fake Journals Workshop: 14-February-2017

The workshop about How to Identify Fake Journals was held for nursing teaching staffs
 by Dara Al-Banna,
more...   PPT Thomson JCR Full list-2016


Google Scholar Citation Workshop: 31-January and 7-February-2017

The Google Scholar Citation workshop was held in two different times in a two week by Dara Al-Banna for all teaching staffs, more ....  PPT.  


CV-Templet:     2017

You can download Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Hawler Medical University Detailed CV, Summary CV.


First IT and Website Maintenance Committee Meeting: 10-January-2017

The IT and Website meeting was held with Dr. Yousif the dean of College of Nursing about the website maintenance and IT system development for the College website more.....


Preparing Health System for Entering BSc Midwives Workshop: 11-15-December-2016

A workshop has been held in ENMDP halls for preparing graduated BSc midwives for entering in Kurdistan health system by Midwifery Department at College of Nursing/Hawler Medical University, Directorate of Health-Erbil, and Erbil Nursing and Midwifery Development Programme, that sponsored by Rwanga Foundation more.....


New experience of teaching and learning process in Midwifery Department: 24-November-2016

A workshop has been held in College of Nursing-HMU entitles New experience of teaching and learning process in Midwifery Department by Dr. Hamdia, more ......

Erbil Nursing and Midwifery Development Programme16-October-2016

Erbil Nursing and Midwifery Development Program has been opened more.....


Upgrading and strengthening of PhD program of nursing and overview on qualitative research and statistical tests:   18-January-2016

Workshop regarding: Upgrading and strengthening of PhD program of nursing and overview on qualitative research and statistical tests, with collaboration of College of Nursing and Midwifery of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


University of Kufa - Alnajaf:   11-March-2016

Participation of College of Nursing faculty staffs in first international conference of Displacement and Migration Humanitarian and Health Crises at the University of Kufa, in collaboration with UN agencies, International Organizations, The Observer Human Rights Center (O.H.R.C.) and Kufa Mosque from 2-3 March 2016. more


Festival:     10-May-2016

Festival of Nursing and Midwifery day here.....


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Dear Friends and Colleagues

It is an honor to write as the Dean of College of Nursing at HMU. I look forward to working in our entire community faculty, staff, teacher, student and friends. We can assure the continued excellence and strength of the college.

There has never been a better time to be a professional nurse. Job opportunities abound and an expanding with new area every day.

Our college is committed to generating knowledge to improve practices and preparing practitioners, educators and researchers who will make a difference. We have a well-earned reputation for our graduating nurses who are leaders in society and knowledgeable those have the capacity for high level of critical thinking while caring deeply about the profession and our committees at large.

The college has graduated more than 591 nurses. Our standard of excellence reflects up on all of us and we are proud of accomplishments of alumni. The plans for new nursing addition to life sciences building on essential to our future progress.

We will need support from everyone to make this reality. We are as nursing faculty invite you to allow us to assist you in achieving your goal for challenging and rewarding career as a professional nurse. Also nurse are well prepared to assume leadership position

       Assistant Professor: Dr. Yousif Mohammed Gardi

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